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On this page you will find the services I offer on the subject of occupational safety.
All services can be provided in German or English language and writing.

  • Provision of

    Services of a safety engineer in accordance with § 6 of the Occupational Safety Act

    respectively of a specialist for occupational safety, in accordance with Section 6 of the Occupational Safety Act (ASiG)

    • in pursuance of

      Arbeitsschutzgesetz (ArbSchG),
      Arbeitsstättenverordnung (ArbStättV),
      Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz (JArbSchG),
      Mutterschutzgesetz (MuSchG)

      • Assessment of the working conditions (Risk Assessment)
        • Inspection of workplaces
        • Identification and assessment of hazards
        • Workplace measurements (Air, Noise, Light, Ergonomics)
        • Psychological evaluations
        • Advice on protection goals and suitable protective measures
        • Support of the implementation of measures
        • Review of the effectiveness of protective measures (effectiveness control)
      • Organization of occupational health and safety
        • Participation in meetings of the occupational health and safety committee (Arbeitsschutzausschuss - ASA)
        • Advice on planning, implementation and operation (worksites, workplaces, work processes)
        • Determination of needs and monitoring of
          • occupational medical examinations,
          • Bestellungen und Beauftragungen,
          • Training,
          • Instructions,
          • Personal protective equipment (PPE).
        • Preparation of content and media for instruction and campaigns
      • in pursuance of

        Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV)

          • Advice on the procurement of work equipment
          • Implementation of risk assessments
          • Creation of operating instructions
          • Inspection of ladders and steps
          • Organization of trainings
      • in pursuance of

        Gefahrstoffverordnung (GefStoffV)

          • Advice on the procurement of hazardous substances
          • Support with substitution tests (Substitutionsprüfung)
          • Implementation of risk assessments
          • Creation of operating instructions
          • Creation of lists of hazardous substances (Gefahrstoffverzeichnis)
          • Preparation of hand and skin protection plans (Hand- und Hautschutzpläne)
      • in pursuance of

        Biostoffverordnung (BioStoffV)

          • Implementation of risk assessments
          • Creation of operating instructions
  • Support with

    Assessments, Audits & Certifications

    • Assessments & Audits

        • Carrying out safety checks according to customer-specific specifications (e.g. workplaces, machines and equipment, work processes)
        • Evaluation and preparation of the results
    • Certifications

        • Advice and support on occupational safety issues during certifications (e.g. ISO 45001)
  • Custom-made production of

    Working materials & tools

        • Documents with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or LibreOffice
        • PDF-Forms
        • VBA-Macros
        • Utility programs for Windows with AutoIt
        • Web applications with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Database

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